Saturday, October 22, 2011

L&T gives up on Hyderabad Metro

This is a news item that appeared on 15th October 2011 in Andhrajyothy, a popular Telugu Daily. This was on the same day when the item "L&T getting jittery over Metro Rail" appeared on the front page of TOI. In this item, the CEO of L&T Hyd Metro, Mr. Gadgil says that they can't say when the metro works will be started.


  1. So called H M R & L& T doing land grabbing supporting GHMC, Collector Revenue department, demolished bussiness commercial properties are destruction total loss for public" doing public purpose. But HMR after completing of work HMR become authority

  2. L & T or HMR both are contractor they don't required any land, if yes they are contractor, not ask for land, do the job and go away from here but filmiest thing all authorities doing for commercial complex, big mall's, they are becoming next few year big business authorities and do business 65 to 100 year this all metro rail project nothing but business future development not for public, not for country, not for human kind, pure business land grabbing under metro rail project so called Development, public purpose, traffic conjunction, metropolitan city