Sunday, January 26, 2014

Half of Iskcon temple to be razed by Hyderabad Metro

After showing sheer arrogance and utter disregard to the historic heritage buildings of Hyderabad city, the Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) authorities appear to be adamant on demolishing at least half of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon), Secunderabad temple (Near Sangeet theatre) on Corridor-3. HMR proposes to acquire 1,600 square yards of land of the 100-year old temple. HMR now says 900 sq.yrd only will be affected. The temple complex will get totally ruined and lose all the charm of a cultural place with the metro pillars inside its complex and the gigantic corridor viaduct going right over the temple.
Iskcon temple officials and devotees have protested against the arbitrary nature of the HMR and its arrogance. They have proposed an alternative in consultation with railway engineers. They stressed that this alternative “was designed by a panel consisting of top railway (SCR) engineers, headed by the chief engineer himself. There were 10 members in the panel”. In the picture given below, the shaded rectangular area is the temple premises, the red lines are the existing proposal of the HMR and the yellow lines are the proposed alternative by Iskcon as per the advise of the railway engineers. By following the alternative, there will be no difference to the demolition of other buildings and, more importantly, the temple will be saved.

Our View: The present controversy is due to the total lack of transparency and public consultation on the routes of the HMR in the city. Such controversies arose at several places – Sultan Bazaar-Badi Chawdi-Koti, Ameerpet-Yousufguda-Krishnanagar, Regimental Bazaar, Nampally etc. The HMR and GHMC authorities have displayed utter lack of sensitivity and more of arrogance. They appear to be eager to serve the private interests of the L&T than the public cause. Already the Govt of AP has given more lands, worth hundreds of crores, to L&T than what are specified in the Concession Agreement.
The alternative curve proposed by the Iskcon with the advise of the railway engineers should be followed by the HMR. If they claim that the curve is not conducive for the trains to negotiate, we would like to remind them that from Greenlands to JHills Checkpost, there are at least seven L-shared curves. Till now the HMR and L&T have not disclosed to the public about the designs of the metro at these curves. Therefore, the HMR’s claims cannot be trusted.
We extend our support to the Iskcon temple authorities in their fight to save the temple.
The following weblinks (developed by the Iskcon officials) gives the details of the existing and proposed curves:
This is the link wherein they explain what would happen if they dont take ISKCON temple land. This is a completely bogus alternative. Railway engineers had a good laugh. 
Here is what we are proposing:
You would find all information here.


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