Friday, July 6, 2012

HMR's starting date - 5 July 2012

This itself is another face of a scam. Instead of announcing the date on which the works were commenced, the L&T and HMR announced that 5th July 2012 as the official starting date (Appointed Date) for the Hyderabad metro rail. That is, nearly eight months after commencing the works. After dilly-dallying for several months and more than one year after financial closure (March 2011) they have finally announced this date. The project will have to be completed within 5 years. Only time will tell and expose their hypocrisy

The official press release says: "On government's assurance, L&T started construction activity from May this year but the appointed date could not be declared as the government had to fulfill certain conditions,". L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad Ltd, the concessionaire of the project, together with HMRL, announced this official date of commencement.
As civil society activists we have been questioning the HMR and L&T regarding the delay in not announcing the Appointed Date (as per the Concession Agreement) even after starting the civil works.