Sunday, May 4, 2014

AAP demands scrapping of Metro Corridor-2

AAP is the only party in Telangana (or AP) that has taken a clear position on the Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR). AAP's Telangana manifesto has promised to scrap the corridor-2 and termed it the least useful corridor. The relevant portion of the manifesto is reproduced below:
AAP considers this as land and real estate project. AAP demands transparency and compliance with the Concession Agreement.
- All important documents of the HMR will be made available in the website of the HMR.
- Full compliance with the RTI Act.
- The land allocations to real estate of the L&T beyond the Concession Agreement will be reviewed and the concerned officers/departments will be held accountable.
- Modifying the Concession Agreement through Government Orders will not be allowed.
Corridor II (JBS to Falaknuma) should be scrapped.This is the least useful corridor and also it will wipe out the heritage area of Sultan Bazaar apart from demolishing thousands of properties.AAP government will scrap this corridor.
The bus transport and MMTS network will be strengthened The MMTS phase II will be completed on a priority basis to strengthen the public transport in the city and improve connectivity to the suburban areas.