Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hyderabad Metro - to be the Ugliest in India?

Hyderabad Metro to be the Ugliest in India By Dr C. Ramachandraiah.
As it is, an elevated corridor itself makes the streets ugly in the thickly built core areas with the corridors at heights of 40-70 feet. Now, imagine if the corridors at such heights have overhead electric cables to run the metro rails (like the normal Indian Railways). What happened to the tall claims of the Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) and L&T officials that this metro will be the most advanced in India? The story of HMR getting more bizarre as the time passes! 

The latest in the metro rail technology is to supply electricity through a Third Rail that runs between the two tracks. The moving train derives power from this Third  Rail. The Delhi metro rail has opted for it between Delhi and Gurgaon. The Bangalore metro rail too is operating on the Third Rail technology.  Further, this system costs over 25 % less than the traditional AC traction system. Then what prevents them from adopting it in Hyderabad? How can they claim this metro to be eco-friendly? If not adopted, then what is the latest about this metro when they are adopting outdated technology? Strangely, they are citing the lack of engineers and safety of passengers as reasons. Both reasons appear false.

Imagine the streets of Hyderabad and the three corridors criss-crossing the city over the flyovers and railway lines. At three places, the metro corridors themselves have to cross over each other (Ameerpet, Patny and Kothi). Elevated corridors passing over the electric lines above another corridor! At four places over the flyovers (Greenlands, Punjagutta, Nalgonda cross roads, HiTec city). At eight places or so, they have to cross railway bridges, the prominent one being at Malakpet.

Imagine at what heights will the electric lines be? And in the thickly built streets, is it not dangerous for the residences abutting the corridors (at 30 ft away) from those electric cables? Doesn’t this indicate that Hyd metro will be the ugliest metro in India? Isn’t it also true that the concerned officials have been hoodwinking the public about its socalled ‘state of the art’ technology?

We have been arguing from the beginning that this metro is being built on lies and false claims. We assure you again that we will prove right in the coming period also.

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