Wednesday, September 17, 2014

L&T wants the Metro to be taken by the Govt of Telangana

L&T giving up on Hyderabad Metro? It will be sensation. This came too sooner than expected. L&T is known to have written to the Hyderabad Metro Rail Ltd (which represents govt of Telangana) that they can't proceed with this project, and asked the govt to take over it. Today's top headline in Andhra Jyothy paper. L&T seems to have repeatedly mentioned about non-provision of Right of Way due to which there is significant cost escalation, and bifurcation of the state. It feels that there is reduced prospects for financial viability of the metro in Hyderabad. It looks like that L&T believed that the state will not be divided, or Hyderabad will be an UT or a joint capital in a proper sense. My comment is quoted in the second picture given below.

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